VIDEO: Prostitutes in Adum.This is how their residence looks in the Day

Prostitution has been practiced throughout ancient and modern cultures. Despite consistent attempts at regulation, it continues nearly unchanged. For decades,it has been a lucrative profession with huge patronage in the nation.It is likely to meet different calibres of prostitutes in all regions in Ghana situated at a Specific location. According to converts in the said business, it has equipped lots of women and ladies attain Brobdingnagian properties without the assistance of a husband nor any relative.

In the Garden city of Ghana,these Commercial sex workers are known to be located in Adum,Bantama,Nhyiaeso, Asafo and Dichemso. Whores in Adum have rented rooms in which they work and live. There's no stipulated time for them to commence their work. DblexOnline passed by their residence in Adum this afternoon and this is how the place looked:

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