Fear Grips Obuasi As Strange Snake Appears To Confirm Eagle Prophet's Prophecy

October 5, 2018

Eagle Prophet

Strange Snake appeared in Obuasi

Reports by Obuasi-based Time FM indicate some unusual happenings in the Obuasi municipality recently.

According to Time FM's Kwabena Sikayena's report, a scary tree-like snake with horns has been spotted in Sanso, a popular illegal mining town.

The same huge snake is said to be appearing in other towns in the municipality, causing fear and panic in residents.

This comes following Prophet Reindolph Oduro Gyebi's prophecy he gave during a 3-day program held at Charimastic Praise Ministry in Obuasi few weeks ago, and a live video regarding Obuasi a few weeks ago.

In the said video, Eagle Prophet, Founder and General Overseer of Kumasi-based God's Crown Chapel said, some miners sought help from a river god to assist them gain more gold but failed to perform the consensual rituals as a result of President Akufo-Addo's ban on galamsey. 

Their failure has irritated the said river god and hence would turn into a snake and appear in the towns of Obuasi purposely to be killed to bring woes unto residents.

However, Prophet Reindolph warned residents not to kill the snake in order to commence a season of blessings in Obuasi.

In an interview on Time FM yesterday, Eagle Prophet confirmed the prophecy and said the snake will keep on appearing in other towns but no one should kill it.

This news portal is keenly following up on the matter and developments would be communicated back to our cherished readers.

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