Don't marry a man because he's handsome,marry a man of Great Wisdom - Ohemaa Mercy

Celebrated gospel musician Mercy Twum-Ampofo popularly called ‘Ohemaa Mercy’ has stated that her lovely husband follows in line after God when it comes to wisdom.

According to her, she got married to her husband because of his intelligence and not his physique.

Eulogising her husband who was her friend before they married, she said her ‘witty’ husband pushed her into the limelight in the arts and entertainment industry.

‘I married my husband because of his mind, I believe in him and what he is capable of doing. I must confess that everything you see about us, my ministry, about our lives, where we are now in life, everything you see about us is the idea of my husband, wen you are moving with him, the kind of things he will tell you, will blow your mind, apart from God, my husband is the next in line in terms of wisdom,’ she remarked.

She called on women to be submissive to their husbands in order to be shown love.

‘Women should respect their husbands and husbands should love their wives, its a command in the Bible and it comes with a blessing,’ she entreated.

Speaking with Rev Kwame Kwateng host of Ultimate FM’s ‘Building Relationship’, she attributed the constant marriage break ups in the country to the physical features some people consider before they marry their partners.

The ‘Wobeye kese’ hit maker advised her female colleague musicians who are not married yet not to marry men because of their physique or popularity.

‘Don’t marry a man/woman because of his/her appearance, popularity, if I marry the person with a sexy lips and at a point I don’t see the sexy lips, I will have a problem, the sexy body will not be the same. When you marry a man/woman who can give you advise when you need it, you will know that you have not made a mistake in marrying him/her,’ she stated.

She suggested that people should be able to marry within six months to one year of being in relationship.

‘Within six months, the partners would have known themselves. What each person likes about the other, in terms of behaviour would have been known. At that time the woman would have known the man she is going to stay with for the rest of her life,’ she said.

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