Two "ENTERTAINMENT CIRKLE" pundits of KESSBEN FM fight over Martha Ankomah live on air

Award winning Ghanaian actress, Martha Ankomah is that alluring heavily endowed Lady every man will love to date.

Presumably, no man can last for five minutes during a sexual intercourse with this charming actress without ejaculating.

Indubitably, fans of this beautiful actress celebrate her not because of her good acting qualities but rather her seductive vital statistics.

Yesterday on the most listened to radio station in Kumasi, Kessben 93.3FM's "Entertainment Cirkle" hosted by RTP nominee DJ Roar,  two of his pundits nearly exchanged blows in the studio when they both uttered live on air that they have a crush on Martha Ankomah.

It took the intervention of Dblex, the producer for the show to calm Ato Pagh and Mr Bones down.

The Kumasi based Radio Talk Show doyen and the Radio Presenter respectively gave out their reasons for crushing on the actress.

"I fell in love with Martha the very moment I saw her in the "Hotel St. James" TV series. She was a promising young lady then. Lugubriously I had no means of reaching out to her and even till now we have never met in person. I have lots of her pictures on my phone signifying the unconditional love I have for her. I will do all I can to win her heart when I meet her." Mr bones roared.

Ato Pagh who didn't side with Mr bones decided not to explain himself that much but cautioned him(Mr Bones) to delete Ankomah's pictures from his phone and eternally stay away from his "crush" with reasons best known to him.

"The least I explain myself the better. For your own good,kindly delete her pictures from your phone and humbly stay away from my crush!" Ato Pagh cautioned.

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