Ugly ladies taste so much better than Beautiful ladies- Counselor Lutterodt

Many Ghanaians take delight in hearkening to contentious self-appointed marriage counselor Rev. George Lutterodt, contrarily he appears to be a nudnik to others.

Rev. Lutterodt for the past years has been ascribed to many quotes many believe shouldn't have been stated.

It is vastly axiomatic hideous ladies will love the counselor this time around for passing such comments.

Mr. Lutterodt last Friday in an interview with Kessben FM's DJ Roar on "Entertainment Cirkle" stated unequivocally that, ugly ladies are exceptionally better in bed as compared to the beautiful ones.

"Ugly ladies taste so much better than beautiful ladies. That's why men who are married to beautiful women, cheat on their wives with the ugly ones. It's surprising but trust me, I know what I'm saying" he stated.

Now the sixty-four-thousand-dollar question is, do you side with Counselor Lutterodt on this one?

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