The tradition in Kumasi has always been that, whenever it rains, all events scheduled for that day flops. OH YES! It is true and all entertainment critics in Kumasi can attest to this.

Should I ascribe this to a MIRACLE or HARD WORK?

Palmbook Studios' "FROM SOMEWHERE WITH LOVE" Movie Premier amazed all Critics last Saturday night at the CCB Auditorium, KNUST.

Organisers of the show really proved that natives in Kumasi deserve the best.

Everyone in Kumasi will testify that there was never  a dry moment in the city last Saturday as it rained cats and dogs the whole day. The said Movie Premiere was also scheduled for that same day and according to the "Oseikrom Tradition" one could easily predict the coda from the fons et origo.

Shockingly, the first show which commenced at exactly 7PM amidst the rains witnessed a crazy patronage that filled the entire auditorium.

Just around 8:30pm, thousands were queued outside waiting for the commencement of the 2nd show.
I think I need a foolscap notebook to enhance me express myself properly in this regard.

The 2nd show got lots of patrons who later came in standing, and I would applaud the organizers for their swift intervention to provide seats for the said patrons.

"FROM SOMEWHERE WITH LOVE" casted no Celebrity and behold no celebrity was billed to pass through but its premiere has set an indestructible record in Movie Premiere in Oseikrom; and from my observations, a movie full of celebs can't easily break this record.

Organisation for the premiere was so perfect that not a single hitch was recorded.

Kudos to Daakyehene Ababio and all Palmbookers for a historic movie premiere.

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