PHOTOS: Davido Builds House For The Young Boy Who Sang His Song

You remember that young boy who sang Davido‘s ”IF” and cracked your rib like never before? The one that said ”Melu Melu…” with other words that is actually difficult to transcribe. Well, Davido did send him to school afterwards, at least if it’s to say ”No do no do” in a better way, but then we know he’ll get more than that by going to school.

Anyways, OBO did not stop by just sending him to school, he has gone notches higher by building a house for the young boy and his family. Davido revealed this news just recently on Instagram where he shared photos of the young boy in his uniform and the building which is still under construction.

Well done Davido, this is indeed a great way to spend that Taty Billion in the akant

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