Stick to Condoms to Prevent you from buying EXPENSIVE Diapers - Mr Katah

The Host of Abusua Mmre Ekow Mankatah popularly called ‘Mr Katah’ has entreated the youth to stick to condoms when engaging in sexual bouts saying condoms are way cheaper than diapers.

This, he admonished the youth in the country to stay away from unprotected sex which will bring untold hardship to them and their families.

He further urged the youth especially the students to buy condoms when unleashing their sexual libidos.

According to him, teenage pregnancies will jeopardise their education adding that diapers are very expensive as compared to condoms which come in different flavours.

Mr Katah argued that the process of taking care of babies demands huge finances and that it will not augur well for the youth to get pregnant when they are not employed or well resourced.

He indicated that condoms prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) such as gonorrhea, syphilis etc.

Mr Katah wondered why the youth will go in for expensive abortion services after pregnancy when they could have resorted to condoms.

‘Condoms are cheaper than diapers and wipes, to prevent pregnancies and giving birth to babies, why don’t you use condoms to save yourself from STDs than getting pregnant and going for abortions which are so expensive, risky and could lead to death in the process. So I am advising the youth to resort to condoms, than giving birth which they cannot handle the financial burden that comes with it,’ he urged.

He questioned if the youth who engage in sexual bouts without condoms have thought about the number of times they would have to change their babies’ diapers especially babies suffering from diarrhea.

‘Diapers are not bend down boutique materials (foss) that you can buy in excess,’ he warned.

Katah indicated that he is not against couples who do not use condoms but the youth who are not well resourced.

‘The youth should wait to engage in sexual intercourse when they become adults and are capable of handling their expenses. I wonder why the youth who are not married engage in unprotected sex. My advice is to the youth, students and unmarried people. The students should focus on their education by churning out good grades,’ he advised.

Diaper is a linen or cotton fabric woven in a repeating pattern placed between a baby’s legs and fastened at the waist to contain excretions.

Diapers are mostly soft, fluffy, comfortable and disposable.

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