Section 296, Sub-section 25 of the Criminal Act of 1960 and section 278 of criminal offences act of 1960 frown upon indecent exposure and whoever violates these laws faces the consequences as stipulated in the Constitution of Ghana.


"Those who refuse to obey the law promote evil. Those who obey the law oppose evil."

Ghana is gradually becoming a LAWLESS nation and citizens act according to their whims and caprices without any fear or panic. The million-dollar question I am humbly asking is, "ARE THE LAWS IN GHANA EFFECTUATED BY THE AUTHORITIES AND FULLY ACCORDED THE REQUISITE RESPECT BY CITIZENS?"

Musician Wisa Gried of "Ekiki Me" fame was arraigned for allegedly showing his genitals on stage during a performance at Citi FM's "Decemba to Rememba" concert in 2015 and pathetically as it stands, justice has not been prevailed.

A Movie/Music Production and an Event Organising company named "Dblex Productions" arranged a highly worthwhile and reputable After-School Mentorship program with selected Celebrities and Resource persons, in conjunction with a Pool party; promoted the program enormously in all Second Cycle Institutions in the Ashanti Region.

Surprisingly, a few days before the event the GHANA POLICE SERVICE, NATIONAL TOURISM AUTHORITY and GHANA INTERNET SAFETY FOUNDATION cancelled the program with immediate effect with the rationale being that, one of the said mentorship program's artworks had a naked picture of a MINOR which defied the

law, and proceeded to arrest the organisers of the show even when they were innocent.
It took the intervention of the current Ashanti Regional Police Commander to warn and discharge the organisers.

RASHIDA black beauty from the information I hold is a MINOR and still a Student. She releasing an execrable NUDE video of herself in Public is an offence and needs to be dealt with according to the Constitution.

RASHIDA, her MANAGEMENT and PARENTS are sounding differently from what their Maker intended and need to be put in order abruptly!!!

I hereby call on the Ghana Police Service to arrest her with immediate effect!

Moreover, the Ghana Internet Safety Foundation, Ghana Education Service (GES), National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) and the entire Regional SRCs must act accordingly with respect to the abysmal character and demeanour of the JIGWE VIRAL VIDEO Award Winner to prevent our young ladies from following suit.

We Love the Youth of Ghana since they are the future Leaders of this Nation.

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