I NEVER said Kumawood Movie Producers don't pay well – Roselyn Ngissah

Deft and Energetic actress Roselyn Ngissah has invalidated allegations making waves, regarding her speech about Kumawood Producers' inability to afford her charges for movie roles.

The immaculate actress on RTV's Papa Kumasi's talk show yesterday, detailed her reasons for not starring in kumawood movies.

The Alumnus of School of Performing Arts, Legon who was unhappy upon coming into contact with an article published on ghbase.com this morning, debunked the said article that misinterpreted her speech in a WhatsApp group made up of Movie makers.

"Had an interview with Papa kumasi, and asked why I don't shoot kumasi films... Am not in the school of thought that kumasi films don't come out well( although yes some don't but alot make sense now)  I said for a fact that sometimes we do  not agree on fees, and mostly the timings Do not work for me..
So if I say we do not agree  on fees,  doesn't mean kumasi producers don't pay well..
For clarification sake I just felt the need to type." she clarified

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