Arrest Musicians who Mime on Stage! They are FRAUDSTERS - Samini

Many Ghanaian musicians hardly perform with Live band when paid large amounts of money to thrill fans at concerts. 
Such artistes are believed to be lazy and aimless.

Showbiz Critics have lambasted these artistes multitudinous times but no positive transformation has been exhibited. Patrons faintly go for shows of late with the rationale being that, they usually don't get the natural feel of artistes they pay to party with hence their decision to boycott shows.


Ghananian Reggae and Dancehall hero, Emmanuel Andrews Samini, known by his stage name Samini, has also added his voice to the polemics regarding live band performance.

In an Exclusive interview with Kumasi-based Abusua 96.5 FM's "Ike de Unpredictable" yesterday, the "My Own" hit maker said without mincing words that these musicians who mime on stage are fraudsters and need to be arrested. 

He advised that, artistes can better still perform with the instrumentals of their tracks even if they aren't good at live band performance than miming on stage.

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