Give upcoming actors the platform to showcase their talents - Movie Director

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ghanaian Movie Director Francis Dzogbetsi popularly known as 'NEBU UR' MAJESTY' has expressed his displeasure over how up and coming actors and actresses are prevented from exhibiting their talents.

The CEO of UR' MAJESTY CREW told Dblexonline in an interview that stakeholders should make upcoming actors their priority thus assign them to play lead roles in movies and motivate them always.

Read his comments  below;

"Ghanaian filmmakers are now rushing for good sound and picture quality forgetting to work on their storylines. Filmmakers can spend thousands of cedis on camera and sound but never will they pay huge sums to playwrights for good stories.

They sit in their comfort zones and confuse themselves on paper that they have perfect stories. Let's not forget to prioritize our works.
First cook the story and actualise it when you are financially sound. 

When seeking for sponsors or producers, allow good marketers to exhibit their expertise on your behalf; but due to greed, selfishness and lack of knowledge, filmmakers will never succumb to this.

Moreover, instead of assigning the upcoming characters to play major roles and reward them with something meager, they will rather give over 10,000 cedis to just one big star forgetting that he/she can't play all the roles in a story. 

Supporting upcoming actors and actresses is divine. What if the star performs and the supporting ones do not? If he alone can do it, then why don't Argentina always win World Cup because of Messi?

In reality, the 10,000 cedis being paid to the already established celebrity, could have been divided into two, hence 5000 cedis could be shared among the young ones to motivate and enhance their productivity.
Its about time we refrain from cheating on the upcoming acts

What will you benefit when you use all the expensive gadgets on set and your cast do not perform to the utmost satisfaction due to hunger?

You can shoot a low-budget movie with a normal 5d-7d camera and manage to satisfy the cast and crew as well.
What will you gain after spending huge sums of money on 4K-5K cameras, drones etc and fail to pay editors at the editing bench? The project will then remain untouched till it corrupts.

Who are we competing with?The whites? Whites don't work with empty stomachs for weeks, everyone gets satisfied and execute their roles free mindedly.
They team up to produce a perfect outcome.

When characters work with happiness on set, they discharge their duties perfectly and with the normal equipments, great job would be achieved. It's about time the upcoming actors and actresses get compensated for their efforts and let's neither underestimate happiness nor confuse business with Cheating because cheating can never be business. I will end it here..thank you.
#I am NEBU UR' MAJESTY" he advised

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