Reggae Fest Riddim:Scotty BURIES Samini, others with his Superb version(My own)

Thursday, October 26, 2017

In recent times, many fans and supporters of veteran Ghanaian musician, Samini, who started his music career as Batman in the early 2000s has been praised for his hit tunes over a decade now. Some of his most recognized hit tracks include "Sweet Mistake", "Gyae Shi", "Iskoki", "Linda" and several others.

Aside his popularity and achievements in music both locally and globally, he owns the formidable "High Grade Family" record label which has the two time song writer of the year at the Ghana Music awards, Kofi Kinaata signed onto it.
Musically, Dancehall veteran Samini, the former MOBO Award winner had experienced what could be termed as "hit scarcity" or "hit drought" as many thought he was fading off until recently, mesmerizing critics upon the release of his worldwide hit single "My Own"
(ReggaeFestRiddim) by DJ Frass. Samini's version was produced by DJ Frass himself in Jamaica.

Though Samini has not been the only artiste to have jumped on the sensational Reggae Fest Riddim to record his version, but it's vividly unequivocal that his version is really the one that got the best of the beat, hence making it more popular in Africa and the world entirely.

This is indeed an enormous plus for Samini and the Entire "High Grade Family".
On the contrary, it isn't much surprising because he's been doing this for years and he's been on top of his game as a Great artiste.

But, when all has been said, done, and agreed upon that Samini's version has been the best so far; you would be astonished to know that a young rising Ghanaian Musician, who has recorded his version as well has murdered Samini and the rest on the same Reggae Fest Riddim.
Born Robert Antwi Boasiako, known by his stage name, "Scotty" is an alumnus of University of Ghana who read Political Science and also doubles as a film maker. Upon hearing the song for the first time, we found it difficult believing it's really from a rising star. But after listening to some of his unreleased and released songs, we came to realize he's more than capable of writing the above mentioned track and even beyond; because, he's the only Ghanaian artiste thus a rising one who has decided  to venture into the most difficult genre of music that is solely limited to only the extremely good and talented - 'country music'.

The sensational track which was ably recorded, mixed and mastered by (AZee) in the Mic Burnerz's studio has been endorsed firmly by the boss himself(AZee) as not just being of matured content but vocal wise too.
Scotty titles his version "Power Bank", a very interesting title that of course could lead to lots of questions.

And as curious as we are, we tried to find out from the horse's own mouth why he's titled his version "Power Bank".
He told Dblexonline that "as we all know what power bank is and it's function as a reservoir, so shall i keep on loving that special woman irrespective of the long distance and challenges that come our way as far as relationship is concerned; and in excess, reserve and save the woman in my heart like how energy is saved in a power bank for future use"; he continued, adding that "if you truly love someone, you must do anything and everything possible to protect that person and also keep the relationship going".
In summary, he said "it's a love song suitable for all calibre of persons who are deeply in love, yet to be in love, searching for love, and all lovers of good music because it has a perfect content and rhythm".
Moreover, he dedicated the song to his long time best friend named Osei-Poku Hackman(Paama) as a true brother who has been there for him since day one.

The talk of the town song is expected to be released on November 1, 2017 on all social media mediums and all his social media handles.
His loyal fans and the general public can't wait for the much-anticipated track to be outdoored finally.
Tell a friend to also inform another friend that something good is about to be served under TKS Records.
Kindly be entreated to gear up and prepare your ears to listen to something phenomenal.

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