Sumaila Musah hot over gay charges! Declared WANTED by family

A Ghanaian fashionista known as Sumaila Musah is currently wanted by the late Ahmed's family.

The late Ahmed who was lynched to death by some youths in Nima, a Muslim community in the Greater Accra region in 2014 was Musah's business and gay partner.
Sumaila Musah, the father of two was caught in an unlawful sexual act in 2014 with the late Ahmed which irritated them to kill his colleague gay partner.

Sumaila was severely beaten but fortunately got the chance to flee amidst the assaults.
It has been established that, the late Ahmed lured Musah into homosexuality in 2013. 
The wife of Ahmed became suspicious when she realized some changes in her husband's character hence her investigations which led her to catch them red-handed in a sexual intercourse on their(Ahmed and wife) matrimonial bed.
She angrily hooted at them, which drew hundreds to the scene. 
The angry mob had no other option than to lynch  Ahmed to death.
As stipulated earlier, Sumaila fortunately left the scene sparing his life from death.
The youth has since been threatening the designer's family to provide him or faces their wrath!
Unbearably for them, they had to secretly sneak out of Nima to save their lives.

They are pleading to the general public to come to their aid in their quest for Sumaila Musah's whereabout. 
Report to any nearby Police Station if you find Sumaila Musah.
A handsome award awaits whoever helps the family to locate Sumaila Musah
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