VIDEO(Live on KESSBEN FM) Okomfuor Yaw Appiah apologises for Burning the Holy Bible, blames Sofo Kyiri Abosom for being the cause

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Dblexonline blazoned few days ago that legendary Kumasi-based Fetish Priest and kingpin of all mind-boggling and jim-dandy prodigies, OKomfuor Yaw Appian burnt the Holy Bible to ashes at his shrine stationed in Kronom in the capital city of the Ashanti region following menacings and irksome pricks thrown at antoa Nyamaa by problematic Sofo Kyiri Abosom rendering Antoa Nyamaa paralysed.
Well, an erudite, brilliant and an unhesitating U-turn has been made by the God-fearing and humble Fetish Priest upon contemplations.
Kumfuor Appiah in an sole interview on kumasi-based Kessben FM with fecund and prolific journalist, Ali Baaba Danakabari, rendered an unqualified apology to all Ghanaians for engaging himself in such a flippant act. He proceeded, blaming Sofo Kyiri Abosom for being the cause;
"if it hadn't been for Sofo Kyiri Abosom's jabs thrown at Antoa Nyamaa which rendered the gods Powerless, I wouldn't have burnt the Holy Bible to know the actual Power it carried. I have deeply regretted though, and has apologised to God to forgive me. Also, I humbly plead with all Ghanaians and my eminent and mucho cherished clients to find a spesh place in their sacred hearts to forgive me and forget for good."

When asked by the outspoken host of "Breaking News" on Kessben 93.3, Ali Baaba Dankanbari, if he would be glimpsed in a repeated act of such calibre, he replied saying, "It Is Only A Fool Who Doesn't Change His Mind, I have learnt my mistakes and that's the 1st and last of it's calibre."
Komfuor Yaw Appiah substantiated.

Okumfuor Yaw Appiah as it stands is Never happy, regarding how OSofo Kyiri Abosom has been befooling Ghanaians through miracles of false claims and lies. 
Disgruntled Komfuor Yaw Appiah has since sent a strong and vigorous caution to Kyiri Abosom to refrain from those ungodly acts or else, faces his wraths.
Watch His Apology in the studio of Kumasi-based Kessben 93.3 FM below:


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