WONDERS SHALL NEVER END: An 18-day old Baby called "GOOGLE" to start acting in movies soon.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

In the Ghanaian Culture, kids are often outdoored, giving them names which are wonted in our locus. But in this development of this youngest actor in Ghana is vastly stupendous. The 18-day old actor has his first name originating from the most popular online search engine "Google".

The above stipulated name being the first of its calibre in the country sounds quite contentious hence, stimulating the sense of curiosity in movie lovers to descry him in his debut movie.

Regardless of the melees surrounding the name of this neonate actor, there is also a Glorious talent bestowed upon him from above, ascribing him to the likes of David, Joseph and a host of other prominent Men of God we have learnt a lot about from the Bible.
Denuding one's talent is a major key factor as far as personality building is concerned.

The acting fraternity welcomed its youngest colleague in the name of "Google Ahmed Banda", a God-Son of music/movie producer, and business tycoon, Mr Ahmed Banda known in showbiz as Bandex. 
"Google" the only mankind to have started his acting career as a foetus in the womb of Nora Frimpong Manso (Nora Ur' Majesty)
 the mother, who hails from the Ashanti Region is a wonder kid and a blessing to the entire movie circle.

His acting career germinated when Nora starred in the yet to be premiered movie dubbed "Striker", three months after being conceived. Nora halted for a rest as she approached her ninth month, when Google decided to take the mantle by himself hence, his birth.
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Google was born on October 10, 2017 at Ankaase Methodist Hospital in the Ashanti Region.
According to the Parents, "Google will cry when being asked to and stop abruptly when ordered to.

The Father being a Movie director robustly believes such gesticulations certainly foretells the end from the beginning with respect to the ethics in acting, establishing the amazing kid already as a Great Hero in the movie industry worldwide.
Google has starred in the yet to be outdoored movie "Striker", which was produced by Nebu Ur' Majesty, father of the much talked about bambino actor.

As his name goes, "Google" is tumultuously believed to redefine acting in a few years to come to curb the abnormalities in the industry.

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