VIDEOS: Lilwin, Nayas, Bro Sammy, Dabo Endorse 'ENDWENE BONE 1&2'

May 14, 2018

'Endwene Bone 1&2' is a thoughtful movie ably produced by 'NAYAS 1 MOVIE PRODUCTION', which clearly urges all to refrain from wishing evil for our brothers. The movie stars popular Ghanaian actors and actresses including, Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin, Nayas, Akrobeto, Christiana Awuni, Yaw Dabo, Don Little and many others.
This is a movie everyone needs to get a copy to help shapen our attitudes towards our brothers.

Watch Videos of Lilwin, Nayas, Brother Sammy, and Dabo below, as they urge Ghanaians to wholeheartedly embrace and patronise the movie.

LILWIN endorses 'Endwene Bone' (CLICK 2X)

NAYAS endorses 'Endwene Bone' (CLICK 2X)

Bro. Sammy endorses 'Endwene Bone' (CLICK 2X)

DABO endorses 'Endwene Bone' (CLICK 2X)

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