Flowking Stone is my Competitor now-Okyeame Kwame

"Talent is hereditary; it may be the common possession of a whole family; Genius is not transmitted;it is never diffused,but is strictly individual."
The music industry worldwide for decades has witnessed multifarious talented families with the likes of "The Bach Family"  "The Jackson 5", "Oasis", "The Beach Boys" etc.
Let's also have an expository look at Bruno Mar's Sisters: "The Lylas", Rihana's brother: "Rorrey Fenty", Beyonce's Sister: "Solange knowles", Katy Perry's brother: "David Hudson", and a host of others, with a unique style of singing.

In Africa,we can't exempt Psquare in this regard.
In Ghana, the "Nsiah Family" comprising of Kwame Nsiah Apau (Okyeame Kwame), Kwaku Nsiah-Boamah (FlowKing Stone) and Kwaku Nsiah-Amankwah (Kunta Kinte) is one formidable family amongst the talented families we have seen in Ghana's music industry. They have  been vibrant and persistently successful in the industry with an indistinguishably idiosyncratic style of singing and rapping hence confusing fans, which makes it very tough and onerous for them to identify the dichotomy between the two.
Flowking stone has succoured  the Bradez brand with lots of prodigious tracks to titillate their fans after he took the fiat in Kunta kinte's absence                    
In most of his hit tracks,he raps and sings just like his senior brother Okyeame Kwame, making the race very tough for him, because patrons might opt for Flowking Stone's tracks instead of OK's tracks since they have almost the same content.    
In an interview with DJ Roar on weekend gruuv on Kessben 93.3FM in Kumasi last Saturday, the Cincinnati city key holder stated unequivocally that his younger brother,Flowking stone as it stands in the music industry, is narrowly his competitor.
"Flowking is competing me keenly. He sings and raps just like I do. He is doing great" he stated.    
He further whispered humorously that he will just hit his head with a stick one day just to get rid of him.
Okyeame Kwame is currently promoting his freshly released  single "Best Rapper Alive" which features Beat bender, nationwide.

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