SHOCKING:Agya Koo details why he sidelined Liwin in the 6th March Concert Party

The hoo-ha precipated as an upshot of Kojo Nkansah Liwin being sidelined by his senior brother in the movie industry Agya Koo in the 6th March concert party, has diffused immensely after the 6th March Parade.
The Boss of "Tetemmofra" Productions failed to vouchsafe palpable reasons to what informed his decision to exclude Liwin in the concert party play hence the presumption of many Ghanaians that Agya koo was petrified Liwin might have performed impeccably than him.
But Kofi Adu speaking to Kessben FM's DJ Roar, elaborated indisputably that Kojo Nkansah Liwin keeps  dishonouring his invitations hence his decision to spurn him in everything he does till he eschew from such acts.
"Kojo Nkansah was nowhere to be found when we were struggling for the betterment of the industry. By God's grace we didn't work in vain,the industry we are experiencing today is the outcome of our toil yesterday,so Liwin can't disrespect me for any reason.It hurts when your younger brother ignores your invitations severally with reasons best known to him.I thought it wise to safeguard my reputation this time around by not inviting him.This is why he wasn't casted." he expatiated
The former further made known to fans of both parties that there's an amiable relationship between them but is still  unascertained to him why the latter sometimes acts apocryphally.


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