Fans HOOT at Bisa Kdei in Kumasi following an abysmal stage craft at the "Adonko Aseda Bash"

The eminently anticipated "Adonko Bitters Aseda Bash" which assembled a plethora of the heavyweights in all genres with the likes of Shata Wale, Flowking Stone, Bisa Kdei, Ofori Amponsah, Agya Koo, Jupitar, and a host of others on one stage was successfully effectuated last Monday at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium in Kumasi.
The terrifically patronised event witnessed the Lords of the Game thrill patrons to good music and great fun, with the exception of Highlife artiste  Bisa Kdei who nearly messed the entire show up with an abysmal performance.
At a point, his manger Jay Foley felt very uncomfortable and tried all his might to find an instantaneous remedy to the disgrace but unfortunately all his efforts remained futile.
The fans present at the show felt very irritated and disappointed at the unsatisfactory performance by Bisa and all they could do at that moment was to hoot at Bisa Kdei to leave the stage.
The management of the award winning artiste later on made a quick switch from Live band to DJ play to save the situation.
Amidst the switch from live band to DJ play, the spectators kept screaming "AWAY" "AWAY", at that same time it was all hilarious at the backstage whiles the organisers tried cutting Bisa's  performance to pave way for the Dancehall king Shata Wale.
Bisa Kdei had no other option than to hand the microphone over peacefully to the organisers to save his brand from excess jeopardy.
Dancehall King Shata Wale then took over to restore the lost glory and enthusiasm.
According to sources, Bisa's band was unable to do a sound check with the artiste because they were told by one of the organizers, "there's no thing like a sound check" when they drove to the venue.
The source went on to tell dblexonline, after reporting the incident to Bisa Kdei's management, the artiste for some reasons had to tell the band not to worry but should report back to the stadium when its his time to perform.
Well, whichever way it was, Bisa Kdei is humbly urged to up his game with respect to professional stage craft, because for some years now, he's been noted for a poor stage performance.

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